Fitness fashion: How to dress the part on a budget

Fitness fashion is not silly, superficial or vain. Research has shown how wearing flattering and fun workout clothes can increase our confidence, our motivation and in turn, our overall performance. But how can you look the part at the gym and feel great about yourself when your budget is really tight?
Well, I’ve got great news for you. Great gym wear doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few tricks, you can look and feel amazing on any size budget! Here’s how to get started:

Just get what you really need

 People tend to buy clothing items that they don’t actually need or that are not fit for purpose. Think about your activity and what active wear you really need to make the most of it.

If you’re a keen runner, you may want to get the right support with a well fitted sports bra and appropriate footwear.

Another aspect to consider is the fabrics. If you love to brave the great outdoors, it might be a good idea to look into fabrics to help you protect from cold weather or harmful rays. Check out the top 5 activear fabrics to invest in.


Stick to the basics

It may be tempting to load up on the trendiest gear but if you are really tight on money, it may be best to stick to the basics. Then, you build up your workout wardrobe gradually.

Here are the must-have items you need:

  • A supportive sports bra

A good sports bra is the most important piece of clothing in a woman’s workout wardrobe. There’s no point trying to tone your figure on the treadmill, if you are letting your breast down with a poor fitted bra.

High streets shops such as Marks & Spencers offer a great range of quality breathable and high-impact support bras. These are not only affordable (between £18 and £30) but also strong enough to support a high intensity class.

  • Classic Capris

I love to see black capris as the little black dress of a workout closet. You can never go wrong with moisture-wicking and lightweight black capris.

From just £24, Gap offers good quality leggings made of nylon, polyester and elastane so you can move freely and in style!

  • Basic Tanks

Unless you feel comfortable enough to workout in your sports bra all year on, you may want to invest in quality tanks.

Underamours ‘s UA Tech Twist tanks (from £15) are made from a breathable and lightweight polyester, so you never get any discomfort during your workouts.

  • Comfortable Socks

It may be tempting to grab an old pair of socks from your dress drawers, but getting socks with extra cushioning can make a big difference to your workout.

Sportsshoes offers a variety of cushioning socks designed for high-impact exercise from just £3. These are not only super comfy, but they also help reducing slippage and skin irritation.

  • Quality sport shoes

If there’s one item from your gym kit that deserves more financial investment, that should be your sport shoes. Don’t take the risk of developing an injury with an old or unstable pair of trainers.

Although high street shops have made great efforts to improve their activewear, I find that brands such as Asics, Nike or Reebok offer better support and protection for sport shoes. Check out this post to find out how to choose the right pair for your activity.


Make it fun

Getting the basics doesn’t mean your gym kit has to be boring. Try to get solid-colored items in high-performance material to boost your motivation.

I love to load up on colours by wearing a luminous tank top or a color block printed capris. I feel like they make me happier and more active.


Chase the sales, clearance and off season

 This may be sound obvious but you’d be surprised to see the great findings that you can get during off season. I found one of my favourite winter fitness jacket for less than £50 when shopping in summer.

If you know your size, online deals can also have great advantages. If you can, add an alert to your favourite items so you don’t miss out on your size.

  1. I am really into fitness and workout 5 days a week and I can’t agree more about what you have listed. I always wanted to dress well even to the gym, by doing so I have more motivation to work even harder. We needed to look good because we are looking at the mirror in the gym 90% of the time, to check out how we flex our muscle and checking out the movement.
    Yes, I too purchase most of my fitness items during sales as it really save so much!

    1. Thank you for your comment Kumamonjeng. You are right: the more comfortable you are in your gym wear, the better your workout will be.

  2. Sales, coupons, and discount codes are your best friend when it comes to shopping for clothes. I think these are lovely choices. The tips you shared are tried and tested, it’s good to stick to what you need to get.

  3. Ha this is SO TRUE! It’s really easy for me to get caught up in getting a LOT of running/exercise wear. They come in so many colors and patterns now, but being practical is best. <3

  4. Very valid points. I once thought that women constantly wearing work out clothes were merely doing so for looks. Now I have come to see that doing so adds to motivation of some of these women. Sales are how I get mine.

  5. Great advice here, I find fitness gear can be really expensive sometimes so these are great tips for keeping costs low.

  6. Great advice here – I love fitness clothes but god knows when they got so expensive. Long gone are the days of using pocket money for a pair of leggings, now I would need to save for them!!

    1. Hey Kirsty, thanks for you comment. You may want to check the site sportshoes (they don’t just sell shoes). You can find great bargains over there!

  7. I agree with the others on sportswear being so expensive! But they also look so good! I love your outfit, love wearing neons for my workouts…they make me feel extra energetic, I have neon nikes and stare at them all the time while working out. Heheh

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