5 reasons grip strength is so important for women

In times where the fitness trend is to a bigger booty and a 6-pack, building grip strength is often omitted from workout programs. After all, when was the last time you consciously worked out your hand grip? Although hand strength may not obviously be visible, it can help you to improve your training, getting stronger, leaner and increase your range of activities. Here are 5 reasons to introduce more grip exercises to your fitness routine.

 You will be less prone to injuries

According to a study from the Journal of Hand Therapy, millennial women (20-34 years old) have significantly weaker hand grips than women from previous generations. Several years ago, I was one of them. After excessive swiping, texting and scrolling on my smartphone, tablet and laptop, I developed a tendinitis and lost strength in my hand. Thank you technology! This not only affected my work, my training, but also the simplest things of daily life such as opening jars or carrying shopping bags.

5 years later and multiple physio sessions, I fully recovered but my grip strength is still a key focus in my training.  Opening the tightest jar is no longer a problem and I now feel stronger than never.


You will be able to lift heavier

Is the bar slipping out of your hands when doing a deadlift? Your grip may not be strong enough. Building up your grip strength is essential for any weight training. You will be able to lift heavier, do more reps and get leaner. So yes a stronger hand grip is also the way for a stronger booty!

 You will develop rock-hard abs

There are many ways to work out your core but one of the most effective abdominal exercises is the hanging leg rise. This exercise puts your lower body and upper body under tension, making your core working harder than doing crunches. As your grip becomes stronger, your hanging leg raise becomes more powerful and you core stronger.


You will be able to do cool activities

Strengthening your grip is not only useful in the gym. It also allows you to participate to cool activities such as climbing, obstacle races, bowling, golf or softball.

I’ve always loved climbing but I was only able to make the most of it when my hand grip became stronger. You would be surprised what you could achieve! The fitter you are the more fun you will have.

You will make a strong first impression

A firm grip on a handshake is not only reserved to men. It is a sign of confidence. We are not talking about squeezing the heck out someone’s hand but giving a good grasp that lets the other person know that you are someone who should be taken seriously.

So are you ready to work out that grip? Check out these 5 strengthening exercises now.




  1. I will show this to my friend as it will help her, I on the other hand (‘scuse the pun) have big problems with my hands and need both operating on for both carpel tunnel and tendinitis – plus constant dislocations. It’s not until you lose a lot of use of them until you realise how needed they are!! Thank you for the advice x

    1. Hey Kate, I’m really sorry to hear about this! I used to have a tendinitis as well so I know how painful it can be physically and psychologically.But the good news is that it can be treated. It may take some time and a lot of strengthening but you’ll get there!
      Feel free to give me an update after your surgery. I hope it goes well and you get better soon!x

  2. I like to think I have pretty good grip strength in my left hand but it could always use being worked on. I don’t have a right hand so that makes it pretty null and void on the grip strength front.

    Kelly xoxo

    1. Yes even small things such as squeezing a ball while you are reading a book can help you to strengthen your hand grip!

  3. Wow I’ve read about this somewhere buy never took any notice before really but reading your post I’ve definitely seen the importance of grip strenght! Thank you for sharing!

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