Online Personal Training

Find your way to a healthier and leaner body with our online training plans

Are you going through cycles of losing weight, and then putting it back on? Are you busy with a demanding job, social or family activities? Feeling the stress and struggle of keeping fit and healthy?

We can defiantly relate to this and we have a solution for you...

We know and understand what it can be like having a busy, stressful life. Then on top of this, feeling overwhelmed by the choices of training diet and training programmes available.

Are you are looking for an effective method, to help you to look and feel better, without the need to spend may hours of the week in the gym, or doing boring diet plans? We’d love to show you how this can be achieved.

We’ve helped numerous women, just like you to get the body they want and maintain it. Our holistic fitness and nutrition plans work. Our method is based on an individual approach.  A bespoke training and food programme tailored to the individual’s circumstances.  Ensuring they are sustainable, flexible and fit for even the busiest most stressed individuals.

Virtually all our clients achieve their goals or come close to achieving them.

In our Online Fitness Plan You Will Learn:

  • How to lose fat in a sustainable way without stressing over your diet or resorting to long exhausting workout plans.
  • How to balance fitness around a very busy work life without the need of giving up precious time with the family still having the time to meet with friends.
  • How to lose weight from all your problem areas REGARDLESS of what you’ve tried before.
  • Learn how to feel more balanced and more connected to your body.

And This Is What Our Clients are Saying...

I love my training sessions with my Rep’n’Pepper trainer. She’s enthusiastic, encouraging and a great motivator – and even after a few sessions I saw a big difference in my fitness and core strength.  Each session is different – and fun too. I always feel so much better after them. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough.



Marie took great care at our initial meeting to assess my needs  and came up with a plan that really suits me. She always takes the time to talk about nutrition too, and is full of useful tips for weight loss alongside the fitness programme.  She’s a warm, happy person to be around and thoroughly motivating.


I enjoy each and every moment with my Rep’n’Pepper personal trainer. She understands perfectly well what my needs are and knows exactly how to motivate me. Marie is a very professional  woman whose energy and enthusiasm are so contagious. Many many thanks Rep’n’Pepper for your kind help.


As part of your Online Fitness Plan you will gain 3 things:


A Free Consultation

We will assess your health and exercise history to establish a plan to help you achieve your goals.  This will be done through questionnaires or via Skype.


A Customised Programme

Every fitness programme is tailored to YOUR body type, level of fitness and objectives.  Nutritional advice will also be provided based on your personal dietary requirements.


Weekly follow-up sessions

This includes potential adjustments based on your progress and powerful techniques to overcome emotional eating and maintain your healthy body in the long term.

Other women like you have benefited from our Online Fitness Plan – it’s your chance too.

This is not a quick fix plan but a value packed program.

We’ll be teaching you a unique lifestyle training system that will help you achieve your goals and maintain your lean body all year round.

Due to the time and energy invested in each bespoke plan, we only work with a handful of people. The Online Fitness Plan is by application-only, for those committed to making a health and positive change. We are confident that working together, the Online Fitness Plan will change your life.


Do you have a holiday or a wedding on the horizon? Why not taking this opportunity to move forward with a clear plan and get your dream body for once and for all? With the Online Fitness Plan you can achieve your goals and revolutionise the way you look and feel.

Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle