Get The Body You've Always Wanted

Start your 6 Week Body Transformation Plan and achieve your goals

Do you want to shape and tone up your body for your next holiday? Do you want to see results? Learn how to maintain a healthy body for once and for all.

The 6 Week Body Transformation Plan is for you

Our 6- week female fat loss programme is the most intensive programme that we offer to date.  Therefore, it is only suitable to women committed and determined on making a positive change to their bodies and their lives.

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness fan looking to burn fat or increase your muscle definition, we will work together to help you achieve your dream body.

In our 6 Week Fitness Plan You Will Learn:

  • How to lose weight without stressing over your diet.
  • How to burn fat quickly using effective and fun workouts.
  • How to regain your energy and your motivation for fitness.

And This Is What Our Clients are Saying...

I love my training sessions with my Rep’n’Pepper trainer. She’s enthusiastic, encouraging and a great motivator – and even after a few sessions I saw a big difference in my fitness and core strength.  Each session is different – and fun too. I always feel so much better after them. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough.



Marie took great care at our initial meeting to assess my needs  and came up with a plan that really suits me. She always takes the time to talk about nutrition too, and is full of useful tips for weight loss alongside the fitness programme.  She’s a warm, happy person to be around and thoroughly motivating.


I enjoy each and every moment with my Rep’n’Pepper personal trainer. She understands perfectly well what my needs are and knows exactly how to motivate me. Marie is a very professional  woman whose energy and enthusiasm are so contagious. Many many thanks Rep’n’Pepper for your kind help.


As part of your 6 Week Body Transformation Plan you will gain 3 things:


A Free Consultation

We will go through your medical history, food habits and lifestyle commitments to tailor your bespoke fitness and nutrition plan.  The consultation also includes a FREE 30 minute personal training taster session.


A Customised Programme

Every body transformation programme is tailored to YOUR level of fitness and specific circumstances.  Nutritional guidance will also be provided based on your personal dietary preferences.


Weekly follow-up sessions

Depending on how your body responds, progressions will be added to your programme so you keep getting results. You will also learn how to cope with emotional eating and handle food cravings.

Other women like you have benefited from the Summer Body Transformation Plan – it’s your chance too

This is an intense value packed program that requires 100% commitment

On an average participants lose between 3-10% body fat and actually get more toned. However, results vary depending on individual body types and level of commitment.

To achieve similar results, you will need to follow your bespoke programme to the letter. A commitment of 2-4 one to one personal training sessions per week over the 6 week period is required.

If you’re ready to change the way you look and feel, then the Summer Body Transformation Plan is for you…


Train At Your Convenience

Personal training sessions can take place at your work place, on location, or in the comfort of your home. We can do short and effective exercises so you can enjoy the journey to becoming healthy without any hassle. Check out the areas I cover in Central and West London on the map below.